Sensory Spark program

We're very proud to launch our SENSORY SPARK program! If you're a homebrewer, barista, or roaster, join us and enhance your sense of taste and smell for appreciating specialty coffee with SENSORY SPARK's virtual learning sessions + specially packaged Knowledge Kit.

Program Description:

The Sensory Spark program combines the Coffee Flavorist theories with the sensory science of Scentone to help you distinguish the levels of acidity, detect sweetness of various roasts, differentiate tactile experiences, recognizing various aromas and expressing the flavors of coffee.


Three 2-hour sessions
Knowledge Kit

Your Knowledge Kit will contain:

- 9 Scentone Aromas for your Orthonasal Training
- 6 Calibration & Evaluation Coffees
- 5 Taste Modality mixes
- Training Materials
- 2 Mystery Coffees for your enjoyment

We'll be guiding you every step of the way to make sure you are on point as you train alongside our Sensory Instructors!

LIMITED SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE! So sign up now to learn to develop your senses and engage your coffee community with confidence!

Course Fee: 4000

Course instructor:

Raoul de Peralta

Certified Scentone Instructor
Q-Arabica Grader
Roaster of the 2019 & 2020 Philippine Barista Champions