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Espresso Masterclass – Decent Machine Edition

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The Decent is a software-based espresso machine. Being software controlled, it also does things that are new to espresso, such as dynamically changing the water temperature in order to achieve a 1ºC accurate temperature at the coffee puck itself. It can do true flow profiling, by controlling the pumps themselves. With the revolutionary technology, the Decent will be used for 3 purposes during the Masterclass:


Exploration: Rather that have an espresso done one way, it can replicate the entire history of espresso machines from Lever machines to the Slayer, having the participants experience the same coffee and enjoy the different flavor profiles that can be extracted from it. Discover what brewing styles bring out the best tasting coffee.

Creation: With very efficient flow-profiling ability, variable temperature and pressure settings, the inserting of more brewing steps, participants will be able to customize espressos, achieve greater TDS% and create the more-than-perfect cup.

Instruction: The Decent is packed with sensors that show what’s actually happening inside that grouphead in real time. Pressure is measured at the puck and if the correct peak was reached, water flow is displayed to see the effect of puck erosion as the shot progresses and reveal any channeling. The Decent will point out mistakes in puck preparation that causes inconsistencies that result in poor-tasting espressos. With the graphical representation on the tablet of what is happening to the coffee, the participants will be able to taste the flaws in their techniques and how to improve their dosing, distribution and tamping skills to perfection.

Pre-Requisite: Basic Espresso Making Skills
Duration: 2 Days (6 hrs/day)
Minimum No. of Students: 4