Espresso Masterclass - Decent Edition

The Institute's flagship Espresso Masterclass is the first of its kind and first in the country. The Masterclass addresses the need for baristas to improve and develop their sensory skills in order to establish higher levels of coffee quality and the technical skills to brew coffee in order to meet those levels.

The class has two sections: The Sensory Modulation session followed by the hands-on application and exercises on the Decent Espresso Machine.  

*Participants do not need to have a Decent Espresso Machine to learn from this Masterclass. Participants will learn and improve their technical skills in preparing and extracting espressos and also learn ways on how different options to modify their current machines such as shower screens, filter baskets and plumbing based on their experiences. 

 Sensory Modulation Details:

One of the biggest challenges in the industry is that many baristas base their espresso shots entirely on time and yield without confirming its flavor. And a lot of them don’t even drink coffee! That’s like a chef who doesn’t taste his food.

Baristas need to constantly build their sensory skills in order for them to establish a benchmark of coffee quality, give them confidence and the ability to describe flavors, and understand how to what parameters lead to a bad, good and great shot of coffee.  Without sensory feedback, a barista cannot calibrate accurately.

This session will familiarize the participants with the SCA Flavor Wheel and matching coffee flavors to the SCENTONE Coffee Flavor Map T100 Aroma kit that contains 100 of the most represented flavors contained in coffee. Participants will be tasting different coffee single origins and blends to build their flavor descriptors. This calibration is a pre-requisite to the Espresso Masterclass using the Decent Espresso Machine.

Espresso Workshop Details:

The Decent is a software-based espresso machine. Being software controlled, it also does things that are new to espresso, such as dynamically changing the water temperature in order to achieve a 1ºC accurate temperature at the coffee puck itself. It can do true flow profiling, by controlling the pumps themselves. With the revolutionary technology, the Decent will be used for 3 purposes during the Masterclass:

Exploration:Rather that have an espresso done one way, it can replicate the entire history of espresso machines from Lever machines to the Slayer, having the participants experience the same coffee and enjoy the different flavor profiles that can be extracted from it. Discover what brewing styles bring out the best tasting coffee.

Creation:With very efficient flow-profiling ability, variable temperature and pressure settings, the inserting of more brewing steps, participants will be able to customize espressos, achieve greater TDS% and create the more-than-perfect cup.

Instruction:The Decent is packed with sensors that show what’s actually happening inside that grouphead in real time. Pressure is measured at the puck and if the correct peak was reached, water flow is displayed to see the effect of puck erosion as the shot progresses and reveal any channeling. The Decent will point out mistakes in puck preparation that causes inconsistencies that result in poor-tasting espressos. With the graphical representation on the tablet of what is happening to the coffee, the participants will be able to taste the flaws in their techniques and how to improve their dosing, distribution and tamping skills to perfection. 

 Participants with be challenged to match their coffee-making techniques to the presets of several machines from different technological periods and determine from the data what stage of their coffee preparation caused the coffee to extract incorrectly and what changes must be done to achieve the best espresso shot. They will also be tasked to create new brewing profiles after their techniques have been mastered. 

The Masterclass will be lead by Chief Coffee Educator / Q-Arabica and Robusta Grader,  Raoul de Peralta, who has been in the coffee industry for more than 15 years as a trainer, educator and General Manager for several commercial and specialty coffee roasters. 

Sensory Modulation session will be assisted by Lyca Que, Q-Arabica Grader and Quality Assurance of Henry & Sons. 


Class Duration: 2 Days, 6 hours per day

Class Schedule: October 18 & 19 ; Weekend Warrior, October 20 & 27 

Class Venue: RICMAS, Sheridan cor. Pines St., Mandaluyong