Creating a Caring Coffee Bar Culture

The heart of every cafe is the espresso and brew bars. This is where the magic happens and where people gather. But in these times when we cannot have our "Third Place," we still continue working to serve those who love coffee. How, then, can we operate in a more sustainable manner in this new normal?

We believe the key is giving more attention to detail, at the same time making sure we take care of our bars and ourselves as well. This is the opportunity for baristas and cafe owners, wherever you're working from, to refocus and create a caring bar culture that's both quality- and consistency-driven.
In this 4-hour workshop with our Chief Educator & Roaster, Raoul de Peralta, learn how to eliminate substandard drink-making, equipment breakdown, and wastage of core resources. By doing so, we maximize our resources and attain real sustainability at the bar level, and as these times have shown us, sustainability is essential.

Workshops details:
Fee: 3,500
Duration 2 x 2-hour sessions