ESPRESSO + MILK : Unplugged Edition

Craving for that caffeine hit but don't have a machine at home? Not to worry!

All it takes is a good, solid grasp of coffee brewing fundamentals, a little patience and some muscle!

The ESPRESSO + MILK : Unplugged Edition is a 4-hour course designed for caffeine-driven people who want to know how to handcraft a tasty cup of coffee without the use of a traditional espresso machine. This is perfect for those who love to camp, travel or just want to get that real "from scratch" feeling of making a great cup of coffee.

We'll be exploring the brewing mechanics of the classic Moka Pot and the Cafflano Kompresso, practice getting those hearty espresso-like shots and test which home method textures the milk best!

Join us for a fun-filled session of coffee crafting at the Institute for Coffee Excellence! It'll be just like your Home Economics class!


 Attendees will receive: 

  • 200g Bag of freshly roasted coffee to apply your new mad skills at home
  • 10% Discount on any coffee equipment and accessories in the showroom
  • 10% Discount Voucher for their next course at the Institute for Coffee Excellence

Class Dates: October 13, Saturday 9:00am to 1:00pm

Duration: 4 Hours